Webinar Recording - Enzymatic Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation: Building Molecular Frameworks Efficiently

2022-06-27 23:14

This webinar was co-hosted by Dr. Marco Bocola and Dr. Grzegorz (Greg) Kubik from Enzyme, and the following is a recording from "Scientific Update":

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Enzymaster Completed Series B-1 Financing Round

2022-05-19 22:41

Enzymaster, a global biotech company with locations in China, Germany and Singapore specialized in biocatalysis and enzyme engineering, announced the close of a US$ 7.5 Mio (CNY 50 Mio) Series B-1 funding.

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Enzymaster presenting at Enzyme Engineering XXVI

2022-05-19 22:40

After two years of disruption the Enzyme Engineering XXVI conference focussing on the evolving and expanding uses of enzymes and enzyme engineering in emerging areas will take place in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, from May 22nd-27th! Enzymaster has been given the opportunity to present their latest research during this conference on the topic ‘In silico Screening of Transaminase Using Semi-Empirical QM/MM Approach’!

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