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Elastin is an essential protein in the skin which maintains elasticity. The UV radiation from the environment break down the elastin followed by appearance of wrinkles. 

Researches have found that the elastin show great antioxidant activity, which can improve skin conditions and make skin recover from dryness, wrinkles and pigment deposition caused by ultraviolet light.




The recombinant elastin is manufactured through genetic technology. Briefly, the gene of elastin is transferred into microorganism firstly, then the protein will be produced via fermentation, which is a totally green and environmentally friendly way . 

The recombinant elastin shows excellent bioactivity, good biocompatibility, biodegradability and low antigenicity.



  • Anti-aging

  • reducing wrinkles

  • Repairing and regenerating


  • Medical materials
  • Cosmetics
  • Health care products




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Medical materials、 cosmetics、Health care products



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