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Ds-(+)-threo-Isocitric acid monopotassium salt

Basic information

Synonyms (1R,2S)-1-hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid monopotassium salt; (2R,3S)-Isocitric acid, monopotassium salt
CAS NO. 20226-99-7
Quality Bio-based or Chemical synthesized
Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight 230.21
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What is isocitric acid?

Isocitric acid (ICA, CAS 6061-97-8) has been an underestimated multi-purposed compound. 

ICA and citric acid are both metabolites of Tricarboxylic acid cycle (aka. Citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle). ICA unblocks succinate dehydrogenase in the cycle, enabling cell respiration under external stress and presumably promotes oxygen utilization in living cells. It differs citric acid from its structure and chirality while shows extensive potential uses. 

ICA has four isomers, D-erythro-Isocitric acid, L-erythro-isocitric acid, D-threo-Isocitric acid and L-threo-isocitric acid, of which only D-threo-Isocitric acid (i.e. (2R,3S)-Isocitric acid) is bio-active. 

What are the potential uses?

According to the literature, isocitric acid can be used in the field of food supplement, cosmetic ingredient as anti-ageing agent (with anti-oxidation and anti-wrinkle function), anticoagulant with blood samples, building blocks for new drugs, pharmaceutical intermediates, analytical standard, chelating agent, etc. 

Its derivatives are also noteworthy, for instance, isocitric acid lactone shows promising capability as intermediate of anti-cancer drugs.


(Anticoagulant with blood samples)


Isocitrate as a chiral building block.

There is an increasing demand for clearly defined stereogenic structures in synthetic ‘small molecule’ APIs. The main source of such chiral moieties is amino acids, terpenes, chiral sugars, etc. that could be obtained naturally. They are sustainable and ‘known’ to the nature, also, their metabolic and activity pathway already exist. 

For ‘building block approach’ to new drugs and APIs, ICA (or isocitrate) with its two clearly defined chiral centers shown to be an ideal candidate. ICA has showed its use in HIV and anemia drug synthesis.


(Pharmaceutical ingredients and as a building block)


Isocitric acid as a functional ingredient.

As an important member of TCA cycle, ICA intake from external source can greatly affect the equilibrium of the cycle in living cells. As a result, it affects the cell metabolism. Regarding this, studies show there are various positive effects of isocitrate, such as anti-ageing, anti-oxidation and life extension. These results suggest new applications of ICA in cosmetics, functional food and other everyday products. Therefore, we expect an increasing demand for this new product in the future. 


(Cosmetic ingredient)

(Food supplement)

What we offer?

ICA can be produced through isolation from natural sources, yeast cultivation, chemical synthesis and biological transformations. However, it has been difficult to scale-up the production of isocitric acid. 

In Enzymaster, we developed more efficient and environmental-friendly process, producing high-quality Ds-(+)-threo-Isocitric acid monopotassium salt to cater for different needs. 



Patent application no.: US20050043413A1, CN1265036A, US5578644A, CN102961309, CN111936120A, etc.

Articles: Investigation of the effect of biologically active threo-Ds-isocitric acid on oxidative stress in Paramecium caudatum (https://doi.org/10.1080/10826068.2017.1381622), etc. 


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